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Local Classics


  • Fr
  • 26.07
  • 10PM
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or more than thirteen years BOOGIEMANN SOULSKI is spinning records now. Born in the Polish city of Katowice, spending his young days in Düsseldorf he’s now resident in the great city of Berlin to make here people dance to Funk, Soul, Breakbeats, Boogie, Latin, Afro and Eastern European rhythms, mostly played from rare 45s, always from vinyl records! His humor is legendary, in his heart and in his fingertips and so are his sets, bringing a high variety of music from different decades and origins on the dancefloor. BOOGIEMANN SOULSKI is playing? You better dance!
International Playgrounds

Nomad (STW)

  • Sa
  • 27.07
  • 10PM
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Stamp The Wax began in 2011, by two friends who were bored with their degrees and wanted somewhere to talk about the music they love, found in the city they grew up in (London), studied in (Bristol and Brighton) and further afield. Six years on, our team and ambitions have grown but nothing’s changed. Whether it’s through written content, mixes, videos, radio shows and events, you will only find music that we think you should be listening to.