FLYING CELLS is a cycle of visual compositions, which combine the use of light, drawing, and new media techniques. Visible spaces evolve within the picture – like millions of invisible pixels that make up masses of digital images we consume every day. They seem to open themselves into an invisible space very much like the dissolved surface of a giant monitor.

“Alles, was wir sehen, könnte auch anders sein” / “Everything we see could also be otherwise”

– Ludwig Wittgenstein





intermedial painting – Berlin 2013
7 layers on polyetylene in artists light frames

composition 3-4-5-6-7: 150 x 120cm / composition 1-2, 8-9: 150 x 100cm
cycle of unique, signed and dated pieces

AROTIN & SERGHEI have exhibited in international galleries, museums and music theatres in Vienna, Paris, Milan, Venice, Barcelona, Brussels and Berlin.

More information: www.arotinserghei.com

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